Phoenix Racewear

Founder, Nancy Maxwell

Phoenix Racewear (Originally known as Phoenix Motocross) was founded in 2013 to provide completely unique and specialized dirt gear to the women and girls who ride off-road. In an industry with nearly 400 jerseys available at a given time, only about 1 in 34 jerseys are designed for women. Thus, the majority of women who race opt for mens styles – due to the variety in color, design, and sizes. This really got us thinking.

We set our sights on changing up the way women’s gear is designed. By focusing only on women, we were able to allocate all of our resources to creating a large variety of colors and styles, without the sacrifice of quality. Our debut collection was nothing short of a complete surprise to the local community and a welcome change of pace for riders. Gone are the days of the “one-style-fits-all” motto, here is our chance to start something BIG